About Me

Naya Bacote

   Naya developed her interest in childcare at a very early age , she was very fascinated with children and their developmental stages , then that she was sure she wanted to become a Nanny/teacher. As time went on, her interests and experience grew. While she never lost her love for teaching , she gained an appreciation for entrepreneurship and Nannying.
During her undergraduate studies at Hudson County Community College, Naya worked full time as an Assistant Teacher at a local day care center close to her home town in Hoboken ,NJ. After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Childhood Education (1-6) with a concentration in Psychology, Naya went on to pursue her Nannying Career. In addition to being a full time student and a full time employee, Naya worked tirelessly to start up her first home-based child care business located in Jersey City, NJ, a group family day care licensed to take care of a total of 16 children ages six weeks old through 12 years old. Four years later, Naya Inspires to open a large day care center located in Her home town. During her operations of both day care programs, Naya gained contracts and partnerships with outside organizations to help improve the quality of care and education, and to expand her clientele. For instance, her programs accept child care subsidies from the local City and County child care units. Therefore, she was able to provide child care for low-income families who could not otherwise afford the cost on their own. Additionally, Naya enrolled her day care programs in the Urban League Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) in order to provide nutritious meals and snacks to each child at no cost to the parents. With a passion for both education and business, Naya aspires to help others who share the same goal to develop a thriving business, provide high quality child care, and create a positive impact on early learning.

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